At DIC we support our clients with industry expertise in developing all new factories from A-Z. We work to provide Technical, Commercial and Operational requirements to execute our client’s visions to an international standard of excellence.


DIC experts and management team can support a successful planning and execution of clients various industrial projects. We cover all stages of plant/factory establishment from feasibility studies, strategic planning, to the engineering and procurement works to start production process. This includes but not limited to operation optimization, human resources competency, evaluation and industry level training in all necessary activities to meet or exceed quality standards.


We pride ourselves in being able to offer a team of highly qualified technical consultants, who can lead various types of industrial projects including technical bid evaluations, specification review and compliance with requirements. This includes guidance over conceptual design, detailed engineering and construction/installation plans. In addition to development and implementation of project specifications to ensure compliance with national/international standards, best practices and regulations.


Material Selection/Corrosion Control

 At DIC we provide consultation on material selection and corrosion control methods suitable for the design and maintenance of assets/ facilities to assure their best operating performance and service life integrity. In addition, we provide assessment of the associated metallurgical/materials laboratory investigation/testing, ensuring that all activities are performed considering selection of the best materials, engineering and cost optimized solution.


Process Safety

 DIC provides consultancy services to define the requirements for effective design, implementation, maintenance and verification for process’ safety compliance. This is to identify and manage risks in plant/equipment in an integrated manner. Our experts can help clients to establish their own process safety management system to achieve the asset integrity requirements.


Quality Control

DIC supports clients to identify and asses the procedure(s) intended to ensure that manufactured/purchased products or performed services adhere to client requirements, fit for the purpose and satisfy the asset integrity standards and best practices.



DIC consultants can proudly provide technical and consultation support on various maintenance services and projects, including failure investigation,  root cause analysis and corrective action proposals required for suitable material, methods and operating procedures.

Our experts can review failure cases and perform studies, based on incident inspection reports, site visits investigation and performance standards, to identify the causal factors of a failure event and provide solutions/recommendations to prevent failure reoccurrence through selecting proper materials, performing design modification and applying best operation process.


As part of our larger product lifecycle solutions, DIC is uniquely poised to support and perform commissioning and start-up, accompanying troubleshooting and problem-solving activities as part of a design/build project.


DIC has long experience in the industry. We have global contacts and are happy to work in partnership with development banks, manufacturers and suppliers who are targeting the industry market. We are happy to endorse companies and products or facilitate introductions, where we feel there is a benefit to our associates and clients.


Legal and Governance:

We at DIC pride ourselves in being able to provide assessment and implementation services to define tendering systems, supply chains, contracts, and licensing frameworks. This includes identifying, reviewing, and assessing processes for compliance with the required relevant legal and regulatory requirements.


Tendering Systems:

DIC experts have wide experiences in establishing and managing tendering systems and procurement implementation processes, which include managing tendering strategy, policy, framework, structure, tenders’ types, bidding process, evaluation/awards, supply chain, procurement cycle, capacity planning, contracts management, and digital system transformation.


Supply Chain:

We at DIC are uniquely poised to define and implement strategy, policy and workflow for supply chain, procurement, inventory management, and contracts management. In addition to define the supply chain requirements and logistics integrated with the latest technological innovations.


Resources Management:

DIC experts can manage resources, assets, logistics, contracts, procurement process and supplier’s digital systems.


Digital Transformation:

DIC is proud to have a team passionate to define and implement a strategy and workflow tendering, bidding, procurement, contracts, and supply chain integration with the latest digitalization system innovations.


DIC provides marketing and innovation services to promote the business of industrial companies. This is based on research, best strategic planning, leadership and culture practices to establish best marketing innovation.

We guide our clients to establish reliable facilities (plant, equipment, structure) for sustainable growth and profitability by demonstrating how they can experiment with radical innovation to extend their lifespan as long as possible. At DIC we have high professional innovation team who can provide client’s project with key advertising and marketing services. We take business ideas, shape it to develop and innovate a competitive marketing campaign to breach the most sustainable business and markets.


We are proud to have a team passionate about new technologies that supports Qatar 2030 vision, our focus on developing and promoting new inventions and applications in artificial intelligence and solar technologies to boost systems performance and efficiency.


DIC team can provide clients with management systems consultation services to identify their needs of QHSE, Energy, Operation, Business Continuity and Project Management Systems. DIC can manage the success of the said services by providing professional support on planning, establishing/execution, monitoring, maintaining and auditing services for these management systems.  

We provide consultation services to develop, review and update the clients standards, specifications and guidelines on various technical subjects relevant to industrial projects and Management Systems. In addition, DIC can provide client with awareness sessions/training to their engineers/staff on various technical subjects and on the use of standards in relevant industry. 

DIC can provide consultation services on certification requirements of organizations/companies against international industry standards and codes, including management systems standards. This is to help them getting certification by accredited professional certification agency.